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Brenda’s Story: A Lesson in Battling Burnout and Retaining Top Care Professionals

May 22, 2023|Articles, Attract & Retain Caregivers, For Your CNAs|

What may be arguably as important as continuing to get new staff in the door, is ensuring that you will be able to retain the staff already in the building. There comes a point when the desire to do a good job doesn’t make up for the lack of resources and support—here's what you can do to retain satisfied long-term staff.

Stereotypes and Social Determinants of Health: 5 Steps to Deal with Conscious and Unconscious Bias in Post-Acute Care

Mar 16, 2023|Articles, Care For Your Clients|

Just as every individual has their own social determinants of health, every person is capable of stereotyping and exhibiting those unconscious or conscious biases. It’s okay to admit that everyone has biases; the key is to recognize and resolve these biases before any damage occurs, like disparities in the quality of patient care that is provided.