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The Home Care Institute LearnCenter

Home Care Institute offers our clients with a comprehensive and robust Learning Management System that coordinates the delivery of all aspects of the learning function. An affordable annual subscription includes a client-branded LearnCenter that is fully supported and managed by Home Care Institute.

Each LearnCenter offers the following:

LMS Content


  • An expansive and growing library of engaging and interactive computer-based training courses specific to the home care and hospice industry and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via an Internet connection.

  • Content focused specifically at the home care, hospice and private duty markets.

  • Interactive and engaging online courses built using the latest advances in technology-based learning.

  • Content that is updated on an ongoing basis as industry changes occur.

  • Subject-matter targeted toward both Medicare skilled services and non-skilled, private providers.

  • Industry-specific compliance, onboarding, aide training, soft-skills, leadership development, sales training and much more.

  • Disease management programs that include e-learning courses, clinical job aids and patient education resources grounded on evidence-based practices designed to improve patient outcomes.

  • A large and growing library of home care- and hospice-specific downloadable resources with most courses offering one or more job aids to support knowledge retention and easy reference to critical points presented in the content.

  • ANCC nationally accredited content that offers continuing nursing education hours that can be used in all 50 states for professional re-licensure.

  • A growing list of content partners to help expand our growing library.

LMS Content


  • User-friendly and intuitive platform.

  • Individual Knowledge Programs that automate the assignment of curricula and learning plans based on specific job roles.

  • Electronic tracking and reporting of all aspects of the learning function, including site access, time spent completing training, assignment compliance, post-test scores and much more.

  • Full support by Home Care Institute to manage all aspects of the platform, with extended hours and availability 7-days a week.

  • An extensive messaging module, using either email or text messaging, that allows the platform to automatically notify employees of new assignments and pending training.

  • A performance management module to support electronic performance appraisals and competency assessments.

  • Customized and monthly web-based administrator training to allow agency managers and administrators to learn how to assign, view and track training results.

  • Cross-browser and device compatibility, including the ability to take courses on PCs, tablets and smartphones.

  • An abundance of platform-specific job aids and video tutorials to make it a breeze to implement the platform for current and new employees.

  • Additional coordinated talent management modules available to support and leverage recruiting, hiring, competency assessment and performance appraisals.

LMS Content


  • Elimination of the need for repetitive training, allowing agency managers and educators to focus on mentoring activities that promote desired outcomes.

  • Web-based content available 24/7 at the fingertips of each employee, which increases productivity and decreases downtime.

  • Hands-on assistance at no additional cost to support each organization’s development of proprietary e-learning content that can be added to knowledge programs and tracked for completion.

  • Electronic tracking and reporting of complete and incomplete training at the fingertips of managers, educators and administrators.

  • Manager and administrator dashboards that support visual and intuitive assessment of scheduled and completed education for direct reports and the agency as a whole.

  • The ability to promote and track live training events so that all completed training appears on one comprehensive transcript.

  • A training solution where employees can learn at a time, pace and place most convenient to them, supporting a remote workforce that often travel hundreds of miles each week.

  • Subscriptions based on active licenses versus paid users to support flexibility and affordability.

  • Client LearnCenter branding (based on subscriber threshold of 50 licenses).

  • Affordable per-license subscription plan that allows clients to effectively manage active users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Clients must purchase at least 10 licenses for a 12-month period. That gives those 10 licenses unlimited access to all courses and content within the platform.

The platform is accessible from any browser. Currently, the majority of courses are responsive and will work on all browsers and devices.

Computers must either have a modern browser (Internet Explorer 10 or above, Chrome, Firefox or Safari) or the Flash Player installed. Audio is required for most courses. Hardcopy resources require a PDF reader to view and download.

Home Care Institute fully supports the platform. This includes resetting passwords as needed, assisting clients to take courses on their company or personal computers, setting up assignments, running reports, and responding to any end-user questions or concerns.

Each client will need at least one site administrator who will be our primary contact. Depending on the desires of the organization, the administrator can learn either minimal functionality (running reports, managing users) or extensive functionality (comprehensive back-end controls). The site administrator or designee is responsible for managing users. This involves providing HCI with basic user information (User ID, first name, last name, job role, and manager details). Users can be managed directly in the platform or via a user Excel spreadsheet. Clients may directly upload their users or forward their user list to HCI support to be imported into the platform.

Employee managers and other administrators with varying degrees of privileges can be added. By default, managers have administrative access to their direct reports, while administrators have access to the entire company.

Home Care Institute is accredited as a national provider of continuing nursing education hours through the American Nurses Credentialing Center. The majority of our courses offer contact hours for nurses. HCI is working toward providing contact hours for other disciplines as well. Aide courses offered through our partnership with In the Know offer hours that may be used for CNS certificate renewal in all States except Delaware and Texas.

Clients are responsible for creating their own proprietary content. It can be in the form of hardcopy resources, PowerPoint presentations (with or without embedded audio), videos, recorded webinars and any other media that can be shared online. The HCI development team will work with clients on the specs for effective online learning and then take the content and publish it using our authoring tools. This creates the player and navigation around the content, so it can be loaded on the LearnCenter, assigned to users, completed electronically by learners, and tracked for completion.

Clients may submit a paper post-test or electronic attestation that will be converted into an electronic format that is attached to the course and graded by the platform. The client proprietary courses may be added to knowledge programs, assigned to employees, and tracked for completion. In addition to online courses, clients may also load hardcopy resources onto their LearnCenter that can be accessed remotely and downloaded by employees.

There is no additional charge for this service; however, only clients with at least 50 active licenses per year may load their own content.

In order for HCI to support a client-branded LearnCenter, the client must purchase at least 50 or more active licenses. With a branded LearnCenter, clients have the ability to load their own courses and resources (supported by HCI). Clients who purchase less than 50 licenses continue to have access to all functionality of the Learning Management System, except for custom branding and the ability to load their own content and courses.

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