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A Boutique Provider

Being a boutique provider of learning solutions doesn’t mean that Home Care Institute sells cute shoes, flashy clothes, or glittering jewelry. And even though our award-winning content is highly engaging and interactive, it’s not flashy or glittery either. What being a boutique provider does mean is that we offer personalized, high-touch learning solutions to the home health and hospice niche market.

Home Care Institute focuses on the satisfaction of our clients rather than how fast we can grow and how big we can expand our bottom line. Instead of being a small fish in a massive ocean, our clients, no matter how small, are always big fish in an ocean of amazing opportunities. And if you’re a LARGE fish in a big ocean, know that we can help you become the dominant fish in the home care and hospice market. We know that with a goal of making our clients successful, we will, in the end, be successful ourselves.


Boutique Provider
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Experts in Technology-Based Learning

Being a boutique provider of learning solutions means that everything we do is done to support the needs of our clients. Whether it’s taking the extra effort to develop unique, state-of-the-art content or providing extended support 7-days-a-week, we pride ourselves in becoming part of your organization – your very own Learning Management System administrators.

With many other vendors, once you sign on the dotted line, you find yourself with one more thing you have to manage. But with Home Care Institute, our goal is to eliminate many of the time-consuming, repetitive learning functions your education team and IT staff tackle each month so that you can focus on what’s really important: your people and your company. Even if you have an expansive education department, partnering with a company that’s eager to manage the technology component of the process means that you can focus on other critical components of your educational strategy.

Experts in Technology-Based Learning

Every course we produce is expertly developed by a team of experts in home care and hospice and technology-based learning. You won’t find manuscripts written by subject matter experts and then slapped into boring page-turner courses in our catalog. You’ll have a large and growing library of highly interactive courses that have been proven to increase knowledge and outcomes. In the end, you save money, while improving quality and outcomes. That’s our definition of “win-win.”

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Who is Home Care Institute

For 10 years, Home Care Institute has been a leading provider of quality and engaging outsourced learning solutions targeted specifically for the home care, hospice and private duty industries. Our team includes experts, authors, editors, graphic and digital designers, narrators, programmers, and a client services team that is second to none.

Home Care Institute’s mission is to create engaging educational solutions that enhance critical thinking and improve performance, resulting in positive and lasting behavioral change.

Through experiences that are motivating, challenging, engaging, realistic and enduring, it’s the vision of Home Care Institute to be the leading provider of outsourced home care and hospice educational resources that improve patient care and outcomes.

Home Care Institute is dedicated to fulfilling the promise of the potential of home care and hospice organizations across the country. We believe that the key to success lies in the People. Creating quality education that improves knowledge and skills of an organization’s workforce can support their capability to achieve anything. And that’s why our pursuit of helping our clients continuously improve is the single most important factor to support their success. This guides our practice each and every day.

Experts in Technology-Based Learning

  • Creating positive experiences for clients that consistently meet or exceed expectations.

  • Promoting the integrated use of knowledge management and technology-based solutions.

  • Developing content based on scientific, leading-edge principles of cognitive learning.

  • Embodying a culture of evidence, with decisions made supporting that evidence.

  • Exhibiting the skill, competence, character and integrity expected of educational professionals.

  • Realizing that teaching is the means and learning is the end.