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Project Description

“Journey to OASIS-C2” is an e-learning course that reviews changes associated with OASIS-C2. The course features a camel called Situ who currently lives at OASIS-C1. He needs to travel 100 miles across a brutally hot desert on his journey to OASIS-C2. Along the way, Situ will pass through 10 watering hole stops where he’ll learn about the changes associated with the OASIS-C2 assessment. He’ll then face three challenges at each stop that he must pass to be able to move on.  The course is challenging and is designed to promote critical thinking skills to support enhanced knowledge of OASIS-C2.

Hangman activity in Journey to OASIS-C2
Journey to OASIS-C2

This e-learning course required a high degree of programming to achieve the level of interactivity involved in the course. The educational components use a wide variety of formats and are learner-controlled. Interactive and engaging challenges allow clinicians to practice answering the OASIS-C2 assessment, with feedback used to reinforce the concepts.

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