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Project Description

The Super Hero’s Guide to ICD-10 Coding is a unique, engaging e-learning course on the fundamentals of ICD-10 coding. The course was built using a graphic comic book formula. The backdrop of the story centers around two super heroes who pair up against a super villain who is intent on destroying the United States by hijacking the government’s database that houses ICD-10 coding results. Coding errors and inaccuracies open the system up to sensitive data that is hidden in the codes. Only by building ICD-10 coding expertise can the country be saved.

A stunningly visual design is complemented by a storyline that is full of information and challenges that help simplify the complex topic. The course is viewed from the learner’s perspective with the learner the focus of each challenge.

Super Hero's Guide to ICD-10 Coding

Details about the learner, such as name, gender and race, are obtained up front during avatar selection and are used to personalize the experience. As the learner moves through the series of courses, the villain either achieves success in his destruction of the United States through challenge failures, or the Super Heroes are able to defeat the villain though challenge successes. Fundamentals of ICD-1- coding form the basis of each challenge.

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