Engaging and Interactive Learning and Performance Solutions

Home Care Institute provides a comprehensive learning solution in order to strategically manage your learning and performance needs. Targeted at the home care and hospice industries, we have the tools and resources to prepare home care, hospice and private duty organizations to be leaders in quality and results. We offer the following solutions:

The LearnCenter

Home Care Institute’s premier solution is the LearnCenter – a full-featured, Internet-based Learning Management System (LMS) set up just for your organization’s needs. With an affordable annual subscription, your employees have unlimited access to a state-of-the-art platform. The LearnCenter includes all of Home Care Institute’s industry-leading content, as well as powerful management tools, and an intuitive interface that makes education simple. As a bonus, if you or your employees do have any problems, the LearnCenter comes with support from our team of professionals.

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Engaging Content

Engaging and Interactive Content

Home Care Institute offers an expansive and growing library. Our courses are engaging and interactive, with technology-based content targeted at the home care, hospice and private duty. We build our E-learning courses to not only provide a compliance check mark, but to achieve optimal outcomes.

At Home Care Institute, we study the science of studying. The science shows that interactive lessons that make the learner engage with the material produce the best results. Our courses teach all the critical information your employees need, and then offer the opportunity to practice in a safe, low-pressure way. That’s how we motivate people to learn and grow. By immediately applying new concepts into familiar situations, learners can improve their critical thinking and built positive behaviors.

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Learning and Performance Resources

Home Care Institute provides a wide variety of downloadable resources to supplement our e-learning course library. As we develop each course we also produce job aids or patient education resources to go with it. These are a part of our library of resources, which learners can use to improve their every-day work.

While our interactive courses are built specifically for more effective education, we recognize that not everyone can remember every piece of material covered all the time. Our job aids and patient education resources take the most critical information and present it in a succinct and concise format. They serve as the perfect refresher. Our patient education resources are written at the 3rd and 5th grade levels, to make them as accessible as possible. Subject areas include disease and symptom management, nutrition and medication resources, and a wide-variety of tools and diaries to make documenting and communicating their recovery easy.

As a Home Care Institute client, you will also have the ability to host your own resources right on your private LearnCenter.

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Performance and Competency Management

Performance and Competency Assessment

Home Care Institute offers access to a full performance and competency management tool online. With Home Care Institute, you can create online versions of performance appraisals and competency assessment tools. After that, it’s easy for managers or preceptors to assign complete them electronically.  Our platform provides reporting and tracking of completion, too. Even your employees can use the LearnCenter to access their reviews. Performance and competency assessments take Home Care Institute from just a source of education to a true talent management platform.


Educational Consulting

While Home Care Institute is always expanding our library, we can also help you grow your. Our education team also offers complimentary consulting services for clients. We can help you create proprietary, organization-specific educational resources. Before you get started, our team is there to offer advice and feedback. Then, we’ll guide you through a simple process. You can use whatever media you’re most comfortable with (PowerPoint, virtual recorded content, video-based training, hard-copy resources, and more) to put together the material you want to share with employees. Home Care Institute then transforms your content into an online course. These courses can even include a variety of automatic tracking methods, interactive elements, post-tests, and electronic attestations.

You can create courses that focus on industry content or something more specific to your organization. Your imagination is the only limit. Some of clients have created custom content for survey preparation, post-survey action plans, review of policies and procedures, electronic tracking of regulatory training, recorded staff meetings, and general distribution of new information.

Home Care Institute also consults with clients to evaluate their current education and make recommendations for improvement or expansion. Consulting can occur virtually or onsite.

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Continuing Education Hours

Home Care Institute is an accredited provider of continuing nursing education from the American Nurses Credentialing Center. That means we can offer CNE hours in all 50 states. Through our partner, In the Know, our courses also offer continuing education hours for Certified Nursing Assistants in most states. These continuing education hours are at the core of the service we provide. When your partner with Home Care Institute to offer continuing education hours to your employees, we believe it can be an important part of your retention strategy as well as improving outcomes across your organization.