A quick look at our Pricing page will show that Home Care Institute subscriptions are based on a per license fee. This pricing structure is perfect for organizations with frequent staff changes. When you understand just how these licenses work, you’ll also see they are the best value for education.

What is a License?

A license, in terms of Home Care Institute’s LearnCenters, is one possible active login. It’s a lot like a seat in a classroom. There might be 300 students in the school and only 30 seats in the science classroom. Schools solve this problem by splitting students into classes and having them all take science at a different time. Similarly, you can make your licenses work for your organization by having users active at different times.

How is an Account Different from a License? What Happens When They are Inactive?

An account is the training profile of one person. That account can be active or inactive, meaning the user may or may not be able to log on. Even if the account is inactive, it isn’t deleted. Home Care Institute keeps all the training information for that person right where it is. Managers and Site Administrators, as well as HCI support, can still see the training history for closed accounts and include it in reports. The only thing a closed account can’t do is take more training. If that user needs to log on to take more training, their existing account can be re-activated any time. Because we don’t charge based on number of accounts, closed accounts don’t cost anything. By closing accounts, you are still able to host old training history without using a paid license.

Do I Need a New License for Every User?

If there are licenses available, you won’t have to buy more. What we charge for is active accounts—that is, accounts which are using a license so that the user can log on and take more training. They are taking that seat in the classroom. Like a seat, it isn’t used up just because someone sat it in once before. If you pay for 30 licenses and then inactivate 2 user accounts, you have two available licenses. Anyone in your organization can use those licenses right away. In fact, you can redistribute licenses in one user list update—inactivating some users and activating others in the same upload.

What Happens if I Need More Licenses?

We can always add more licenses to your subscription. If you started with 30 licenses and later decide you need 50 of your employees to be active at the same time, that is not a problem. We will add the additional licenses at a prorated cost. So, if you were 6 months into your 12-month subscription, your 20 extra licenses will expire at the same time as the first 30. However, since you are only buying those licenses for the last 6 months we only charge you half of our usual per year cost. We don’t adjust the rate down to the day, just month by month to keep things simple.

Adding new licenses is also simple: just upload or activate your users and we will automatically generate your invoice. Once your one-year subscription term with us, you aren’t locked in for a higher number, either. You could renew your subscription plan with any number of active licenses.

Can I reduce my licenses?

During your 12-month subscription term you can’t reduce your licenses. When you buy the seats, they are yours until the end of those 12 months. That means that even if you inactivate a few users, you won’t lose your seats. They are still yours to use at any time during your subscription period. That includes any licenses you have added on at a pro-rated price. Because of this, you may want to start with a smaller number of licenses and add more later.

How Can I Use My Licenses to Get the Best Value for Education?

The exact use of licenses will depend on your organization. Whatever your needs are, if you remember how our licenses work, you can make them work for you. If you only need a little orientation training for most of the year, and then want to focus on annual compliance in the Fall or Winter, you might benefit from our pro-rated licenses. You can start your subscription term with just a handful of licenses, and then ramp up just for annual compliance. If you have just a few courses you would like to assign, you can cycle the licenses among your employees. You can activate a small number of employees at a time, have them complete training, and then inactivate them so that other employees can use their licenses.

These strategies can be used within a small group of your users, too. Perhaps your clinical staff has a lot of training that will require year-round access. Your non-clinical, however, staff may have fewer hours. Senior staff may be able to complete training more quickly than newer staff. Our fast response to user account changes allows you to make changes as needed. We also encourage you to re-evaluate your license needs at the end of your subscription period. Your organization can take what you’ve learned and be sure to get the best value for education.